Eight Home Maintenance Tasks for October

With October’s weather shift comes several home tasks to keep your house and family in step with the changes. Here’s what we suggest you focus on:

  1. Prepare for the rain. We have officially entered rain boots and jacket season. Break out the Gor-Tex and ensure your home is ready for dripping clothing. Protect your flooring where necessary with extra rugs or containers.
  2. Rotate your seasonal garb. If, like many of us, you shift your wardrobe seasonally due to space constraints (putting away summer clothing and pulling out winter sweaters) now is the time to rotate it again. Our sun has shipped off to the southern hemisphere so summer attire can be put away until next season.
  3. Break out the vacuum. Now is a good time to vacuum out heating vents, grates and other places that are subject to dust settling when heat isn’t in use.
  4. Rake leaves, pick up, repeat. It’s that time of year when there are more leaves than anything else. Find your favorite rake and get going.
  5. Winterize your faucets. It’s a good idea at this point to drain and put away any hoses and to cover the exterior faucets with insulated covers. The covers are available at most hardware stores for a nominal price but are worth their weight in gold in avoiding frozen pipes!
  6. Check your landscaping. Winter can be hard on the exterior of your home, especially if foliage is too close to your home’s exterior and offers refuge for pests. If you see plants that look too close, cut them back away from the exterior to allow space for water to dissipate and make it harder for pests to damage siding.
  7. Cover and put away outdoor furniture. Unless you have a covered patio, it’s a good time to cover or put away your outdoor furniture to keep it looking good for years to come.
  8. Check weatherstripping. Doors and windows are the first place that should be checked to ensure seasonal weather efficiency. If you notice light in and around the threshold of your door where it should seal, it’s time to install new weatherstripping. You’ll find it will make a big difference in holding in the warmth from your heater, and a properly sealed entryway will dissuade bugs from entering your home during the cold season.

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