Keeping it Glassy in the Shower

More clients are asking for shower glass door options that are a departure from the traditional. Many are either using rain glass, glass block or even glass etching to create a statement as part of their bathroom remodel. A recent client even requested a one-of-a-kind jagged glass design that looks like mountain peaks to be the pièce de résistance of her bath design. Very Pacific Northwest right?

Textured Glass – Rain glass and the like are great for allowing lots of light, but also provide a bit of privacy for the person in the shower. This choice can be a beautiful addition to a design, while giving a spa-like feel.

Glass Block – Glass block has a slightly cloudy look that gives a timeless design aesthetic and eliminates the need for a door, while still maintaining a modicum of privacy.

Etched Glass – Mostly a design component, etched glass in the shower can be a unique and personal addition to your bathroom remodel.

Curbless Doors – We also recommend these for clients who are remodeling for instances of aging in place or where accessibility may be an issue.

Frameless Glass – this style of door features the more modern and open aesthetic using the smallest amount of materials to keep the door in place. One of our favorite trends at the moment, frameless glass is a way to ensure maximum light in your shower while still using a door enclosure. We highly recommend for small spaces where a swinging door is an option.

If you’re looking for something different in your bathroom design, don’t let your imagination be limited to the color of your tile. Instead, consider what other custom elements you might want to include.


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