Pass-Through Windows Are In Demand

2020 has been the year for increasing the overall usability of one’s home. As the requests for covered outdoor living space additions continue, so has the desire to have a pass-through window or other solution to improve the connection between inside the home and the new outdoor space. Clients want a more cohesive design that really embraces the expansion of overall living space and allows for year-round use.  The following window options can create a more fluid indoor-to-outdoor living space while optimizing for entertaining:

  • A folding window folds open to your desired level, allowing for maximum interaction with those outside. Not only can food be handed through this, but these allow for increased light inside the residence as well as optimized communication between people inside and outside of the home.
  • The basic pass-through window design provides the homeowner the convenience of handing food or drinks to outside guests, while offering a uniform look to the residence. Typically we find clients prefer a wider ledge or counter for food placement if they plan to use it often.
  • French doors, while admittedly not a window, allow for optimal light inside the residence while opening up the interior and exterior living space for maximum flow. Obviously larger than a pass-through window, French doors allow for easy guest movement in and out of the home.

Even if you opt to build an outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space addition, there are often items needed from inside your home for a great party. These pass-through window options are ideal for entertaining and maximizing enjoyment all year round.

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