Remodeling Woes are Real

While we’ve mentioned it before, living through a remodel is no easy feat. We attempt to minimize the disruptions and challenges for our clients as much as possible by protecting the rooms staying intact, keeping our clients apprised of the schedule, and possible dates that they may need to relinquish the house, and generally attempting to be thoughtful about how we leave your home each day. The reality is that remodeling while living in your home, is going to come with challenges. How, you might ask? Here are the basics:

  • Kitchen Remodel – you’ll be out of a cooking area. We’ve had clients survive this project with much success by setting up a temporary kitchen in another part of the house and simplifying their meal planning. Eating out doesn’t have to be your only option. Expect to be out of your space for eight to ten weeks, longer if you’re moving walls.
  • Bathroom Remodel – especially if you’re doing your primary bathroom, you’ll need an alternate spot to shower and get ready for your day. If it’s far from your current location, it will likely take some getting used to, especially for those nighttime bathroom trips. Plan for six to eight weeks displacement in this situation.
  • Hardwood Flooring – most often homeowners need to plan for being out of the house while the fumes settle from the hardwood floor process. Typically, we see a week being the average time for this departure.
  • Addition – since these projects can range from small added space onto a bedroom, to a massive undertaking that involves roof lines, plumbing and electrical systems, re-configuring a house layout and more, it can be hard to estimate how much time you’ll have to stay out of your home without your specific design plan. Most clients don’t desire to remain in their home during this much disruption if there’s an alternate option for their family.

In general, a remodel is disruptive. It can be hard on your spouse, your children and your routine. It will disrupt your daily schedule, possibly a lot. It will add stress to your life as you’re watching your home be torn up before your very eyes, but is totally worth it in the end. Choose your contractor wisely, and with careful planning, you can manage much of the disruption, but you should always approach each day with a sense of humor and the knowledge that the result will be the creation of a beautiful space to live in and use.

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