Starting Fresh in the New Year

With the ringing in of the new year, comes the desire for most homeowners to re-evaluate their spaces and reduce the clutter that they’ve gathered over the past year. The build-up of detritus can drag you down, zap motivation, make you depressed or impede your productivity. If you’d like to start 2018 a little lighter, here are some steps to take:

  1. Reduce – step one is to purge all things that you haven’t used over the past year. If it’s not serving a purpose in your home, it’s just taking up space. Walk from room-to-room with garbage and recycling bags and start with the easy stuff first.
  2. Re-imagine – step two is to evaluate if your space is serving the purpose that you want it to. Is there a lot of clutter, or do you feel like you’re wishing for something different? If so, you may need to look at your space with a professional to see what can be done to better fit your lifestyle and needs. If you simply need to create a system, complete with helpful labels, that’s a good use of time.
  3. Reinvigorate – step three is to determine what you want to do differently in that space. It can be as simple as buying new furniture, or investing in a remodel that reworks the space to be more functional. The most important part is that you commit to making a change, so that another year doesn’t go by without you loving your home.

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