Annual Window Maintenance – What To Look For and How to Clean

August is a great time to revisit your annual window maintenance. Dry weather, pollen and birds have done their worst, so now is a great time to break out the cleaning supplies to give the glass a quick once-over. Pay special attention to the window tracks as they can get dust and grime, which may impede window operation. While you are at it, evaluate your window frames for damage. Notice if there are any holes or areas where you feel air coming in, which would indicate a larger issue. Check caulking and weather-stripping around windows and doors to ensure it is still in good condition, as this will keep pests and cold air outside where they belong.

If you see water damage of any sort on your windowsills, frames or nearby walls, be sure to investigate and address any issues before the rainy season is in full swing. Peeling, discoloration, and softness of wood can all be signs of a problem. Notice how your windows open and close. Homes settle over time, which can cause the fit of windows to change, requiring adjustment from professionals.

If you completed your window maintenance this month, but think you need new windows? Here is what our window expert suggests.

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