Slowing Down the Buzz – Are Wasps and Hornets Taking Over Your Yard?

There you are just minding your own business and suddenly you are dive-bombed by an insect! Chances are it is not an infamous murder hornet, but rather your average hornet or a wasp. These are certainly no laughing matter as they can be very aggressive, so you’ll definitely want to consider taking action before someone gets stung. Ensure your pest isn’t an errant honey bee, then, once confident in that, here is what the experts recommend:

Hornets and wasps are attracted to sweet things, so a sugar trap may be helpful. Once they enter the trap, they can’t get out. While sugar traps can be great at reducing the number of hornets or wasps around, it won’t do anything to address a nest if that’s the issue. You can either make your own sugar trap or buy one.

One of the hardest parts of managing a wasp or hornet problem is locating the nest. Once you do, depending on if it’s a ground nest, or one in the eaves, you can decide whether to try to eliminate it yourself or to bring in the professionals.

If you are going to attempt to solve your wasp or hornet problem yourself, be sure to wear protective clothing, and proceed early in the morning or late at night when they are most likely to be in the nest and resting. It is also important to note that these pests are attracted to easy food sources – so be mindful of where you plant your flowers, or place your garbage cans.

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