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Remodeling for the Long Term

If you plan to age in your home, it may be smart to start encompassing plans in your home's design today. See what our clients choose during their remodel.
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Universal Design All Year Round

Are you familiar with the concept of Universal Design? If you're considering a remodel, there are great Universal Design features that are easily implemented into the remodel design. See what to consider.
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Not All Windows Are Created Equal

Our preferred window vendor, Dave Cromwell, breaks down all of the frequently asked window questions. With 30+ years in the business, Dave's seen the evolution of window offerings and can help guide our clients to the right choice for them. Read more to see what you should consider.
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Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Don't be caught in the midst of a remodel having to make snap decisions. That's not going to feel great for anyone. Instead, consider these points before your house is torn up.
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This Year’s Hottest Bath Features

Don't miss out on what's hot in 2019 for bathrooms.
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Accessibility For All

Interested in Universal Design ideas for your remodel? Here are some of the top asks.
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